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How the truth caught up with the conman who faked his own death

via BBC News
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Nicholas Rossi is a conman and fugitive wanted on multiple charges, including rape and fraud.

Rossi, known by various aliases, attempted to evade extradition by faking his identity and feigning health issues.

His history includes a trail of alleged criminal activities, including domestic abuse and fraudulent schemes. (Trending: Joe Biden Caught In Another Major Lie About J6)

Rossi’s life included a troubled childhood, legal battles, and attempts to manipulate the legal system.

Corey Lamoureux, a local bartender, said, “You never really believed what was coming out of his mouth.”

“The boss gave him the nickname (Three Question Nick) because he became so annoying. He’d sit there and ask so many questions that our boss said, ‘Listen, you can ask three questions; if you ask a fourth I’m throwing you out’.”

Rossi’s ex-wife, Kathryn Heckendorn, said, “He broke me down and we got married without telling anybody.”

“It was the first day he hit me, right after we were married.”

“[I would be] put down verbally [and told] just how stupid, dumb I was. If I didn’t act that way, I wouldn’t have to get hurt,” she continued.

The judge that granted the divorce also accused Rossi of “gross neglect of duty and cruelty”.

Mary Grebinksi said, “I saw his dark eyes behind his dark rimmed glasses and they were void of any emotion, any human feeling, it was like looking into something dead.”

Lamoureux said, “We had found out about his first conviction because one of our friends was a police officer.”

The bartender recalled another patron speaking to Rossi on the phone.

“He owed [him] a lot of money and had made promises to pay him. And then we all got the call that he was dead,” said Lamoureux.

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