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Epstein Victim On Hidden Tapes: ‘It’s No Secret That Everything Was Recorded’

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Sarah Ransome has reiterated claims that Jeffrey Epstein made sex tapes of Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, and Richard Branson.

She alleged that Epstein filmed her friend having sex with these high-profile men.

Ransome stated that she retracted the claims in 2016 due to threats against her family, but she now stands by them. (Trending: First Moon Mission In 50 Years Blasts Off)

She appeared on Good Morning Britain, asserting the existence of these videos and urging the FBI to release alleged evidence.

“There are videos that exist. The people that know they exist I’m sure are very frightened of them being released,” she said. “It’s no secret that everything was recorded.”

“Multiple victims have come forward confirming my account along with others. I have also seen recordings in his office. In the time that I was with Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, amongst others, regularly enforced that if I ever did come forward, myself and my family would be harmed.”

“When my friend had sexual intercourse with Clinton, Prince Andrew and Richard Branson, sex tapes were in fact filmed on each separate occasion by Jeffery,” she wrote.

“Thank God she managed to get a hold of some footage of the filmed sex tapes, which clearly identify the faces of Clinton, Prince Andrew and Branson having sexual intercourse with her.”

“Frustratingly enough Epstein was not seen in any of the footage but he was clever like that. After two hours of trying to convince my friend to come forward with me, I eventually managed to persuade her to send me some of the video footage which she kept, implicating all three all men mentioned above.”

“I personally can confirm that I have, with my own two eyes, seen the evidence of these sexual acts, which clearly identifies Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Richard Branson having sexual intercourse with my friend. I will be more then willing to swear under oath and testify in court over these sex tapes.”

“It will break your heart into a million tiny pieces Maureen when you watch this footage, and I know that what I watched yesterday, will haunt me for the rest of my life.”

“I have backed up the footage on several USB sticks and have securely sent them to various different locations throughout Europe with only one other person close to me, knowing where their locations are, just in case anything happens to me before the footage is released.”

“On one visit to the island, the sexual demands, degradation, and humiliation ensued me to try to escape by jumping off a cliff into shark-infested waters.”

However, there is no public evidence to support her claims, and the accused individuals have denied any wrongdoing.

“I want to walk away from this…I shouldn’t have contacted you and I’m sorry I wasted your time,” Ransome emailed in 2016. “It’s not worth coming forward and I will never be heard anyhow and only bad things will happen as a consequence of me going public. This will just create pain for my family and I and they have already helped me pick up the pieces once before. I can’t ask them to do that again.”

“In a New Yorker report published in 2019, Ransome admitted that she had ‘invented’ the tapes,” Richard Branson stated.

“We can confirm that Sarah Ransome’s claims are baseless and unfounded.”

The allegations are part of a document dump from Virginia Giuffre’s 2015 defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged “madame.”

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