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Chicago Public Schools Lost $23M Worth of Laptops, iPads And Other Devices In 1 Year, Report Says

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The Inspector General of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) annual report revealed that over $23 million worth of tech devices were reported lost or stolen without adequate recovery efforts.

The report highlighted a need for serious overhaul in oversight processes.

It also mentioned concerns about the loss of public assets and emphasized the importance of being sensitive to economically disadvantaged families during recovery efforts. (Trending: Fauci’s COVID Missteps Are Coming Back To Haunt Him)

CPS acknowledged the need to streamline tracking resources and enforce compliance with Board policy.

“At three dozen schools, 100 percent of tech devices assigned specifically to students were marked lost or stolen, inventory data showed,” the report reads.

“In a District of our size, some device loss is expected, but we remain concerned about the loss of any public asset,” CPS said.

“Our CPS team will work to streamline our system for tracking resources, including devices, while enforcing compliance with Board policy.”

“In a district where more than 72 percent of students are from economically disadvantaged families, it is crucial that we are sensitive to our families as we conduct any device recovery efforts,” the statement added.

Additionally, the report noted that some recovered devices were over five years old, and the CPS Inspector General expressed concerns about the wastefulness and lack of follow-up in certain cases.

“It’s just wasteful (and) that’s what our office is here to address and that’s what we do,” CPS Inspector General Will Fletcher said.

“Our work uncovered an incident where there were a pair of siblings, a brother and sister at school who between them lost 9-10 devices, (and) there’s no record or indication that the district reached out to the family mentioned this was an issue try to figure out what happened.”

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