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Judge Orders Deletion After Epstein Images That ‘Should Have Been Redacted’ Are ‘Inadvertently’ Released

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A federal judge ordered the redaction of photos inadvertently disclosed in a case related to Jeffrey Epstein.

The images, taken on Epstein’s Caribbean island, feature girls and young women, including Epstein’s accuser Sarah Ransome.

The photos also show Ghislaine Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel. (Trending: Joe Biden Sets New Presidential Record)

“The Clerk of the Court is directed to strike docket entry 1332-7 in the above-captioned case because it contains inadvertently disclosed images that should have been redacted. Counsel shall re-file the stricken document as soon as is practicable,” U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska said.

Ransome testified about her experiences on the island, describing it as a place of “sexual hell” and alleging that Maxwell played a significant role.

The photos were submitted as part of a lawsuit against Maxwell, and they establish Maxwell’s presence on the island.

“I frequently experience flashbacks and wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares reliving the awful experience,” Ransome said.

Ransome also described the exploitation of underprivileged girls and the control exerted by Maxwell and Epstein.

“You know, all the girls kind of reported to Ghislaine,” Ransome said.

“Ghislaine was like the mama bear, if you know what I mean. She called the shots; we had to listen to Ghislaine.”

“They were really naughty,” she said.

“You know, they took girls from very underprivileged families. They gave them accommodation, they gave them food, gave them money for transportation, you know, private planes, etc, etc.”

“So if I didn’t have sex with Jeffrey, I would be homeless and starving in New York, so — and my dream of getting a full- time education at one of the top fashion institutes in the world would be diminished.”

“And Ghislaine was Jeffrey’s right-hand woman, so, you know, whatever Jeffrey wanted went through Ghislaine and then filtered through,” Ransome said.

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