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Joe Rogan And ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Call Out Liberal Ideology Demonizing Work Ethic

via JRE Daily Clips on Youtube
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Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan discussed with Joe Rogan how social activists have polarized the country by criticizing qualities like work ethic and masculinity.

They mentioned a famous poem, “If I were the Devil,” and criticized the redefinition of terms like “toxic masculinity” and “defund the police.”

They also highlighted the fundamental differences between liberal and conservative ideologies, emphasizing the polarization between the two. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

“Wow, April 3rd, 1965. Paul Harvey nailed it,” Rogan said of the poem. “Wow.”

“You can use the Devil as a euphemism for anything that you want,” Sheridan said, “but the result is the same. We’re seeing it.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been accused of that,” Sheridan later said of “toxic masculinity.”

“Congratulations, you’re on the right side,” Rogan said.

“‘Defund the police,’ ‘toxic masculinity,’ they’re all sort of in the same category of things,” he said. “Seems silly to think that way.”

“You need all of it,” Rogan said. “You need masculinity and femininity.”

“These are all terms that have been created,” Sheridan said.

“It’s fascinating that language is being reinvented before our eyes. There’s all these new words that are just meant to keep one person from disagreeing with another person’s position.”

“Essentially, it’s stated that the liberal point of view was that crime and all these social ills is a social construct and that if you could find a way to level the playing field for everybody, crime would be eliminated, all these issues would go away, poverty would go away, all of the social ills that we have would disappear if everyone had the same opportunities and the same stuff,” he said.

“The flipside of that is the conservative view which is, ‘There’s evil in the world, there’s good in the world, we’re gonna try and manage the evil as best we can and create an opportunity for people to succeed, or they can f— up and best of luck,'” he added.

“One side seems naive, one side seems extremely harsh, but those are the beliefs and that side can never compromise with this side and vise-versa because you’re abandoning your own ideology.”

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