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DeSantis: ‘I’m The One Guy The Media Doesn’t Want To Do Well’

via CBS Evening News
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed concerns about the potential impact of nominating Donald Trump for the 2024 election, suggesting it could provide Democrats with a playbook to weaponize events like January 6th.

He also addressed media coverage of his campaign, emphasizing that he sees it as an advantage, particularly in Iowa.

Additionally, he disagreed with President Biden’s characterization of the events of January 6th and emphasized the need to focus on holding Biden accountable and addressing issues facing the American people in the upcoming election. (Trending: Chilling Arrest Footage of Trump Co-Defendant Provides Glimpse Into Jack Smith Probe)

“Last week on the show we looked at “The New York Times,” essentially a political obituary for your campaign, practically said you barely have a pulse. I don’t know, you look pretty healthy to me. But listen, it’s not any secret that you’ve had funding problems this year, personnel shakeups, layoffs, sliding the polls,” Howard Kurtz began.

“So, does the coverage create a cycle where some people are saying, look at all this terrible coverage, I guess the guy can’t win?”

“I don’t think so. Here in Iowa in particular, because we’re here, I think they get the media has an agenda,” DeSantis said. “But look, I get it like no matter — when we got endorsed by Governor Reynolds, it was not something that the media wanted to make a big deal of because it didn’t fit the narrative.”

“But I think, ultimately, it’s going to play to my advantage in a place like Iowa because I’m able to now go to these crowds and say, I’m the one guy the media doesn’t want to do well.”

“They’re coming after me. Is there any better endorsement for a Republican candidate than to be the candidate that the media doesn’t want? And I get a lot of cheers when I say that.”

“Now, President Biden gave a speech on Friday in which he said, Donald Trump’s lies led to the violence of January 6th. Very personal attack speech. You’ve said that President Trump should have known that by calling his supporters to a rally on January 6th, that things might get out of hand. So, do you agree with Joe Biden?” Kurtz asked.

“Well, I don’t think — no. Because I don’t think the intention of it was to what happened. I think it was supposed to be a protest. And I think there were a lot of people that were frustrated,” DeSantis said.

“You know, Joe Biden will say lies. But if you remember the aftermath of that election, Howie, you had states that were taking days to count the ballots. And so, when that happens and one candidate is winning on election night and then it switches, even if everything is somehow on the up and up, that leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth.”

“And I think going forward is, do we want the 2024 election as Republicans to be about January 6th, legal issues, criminal cases and a referendum on Donald Trump, all things him or do we want to focus it on holding Biden accountable and focusing on the American people’s issues?”

“So, me as the nominee, we’re not going to have to worry about those issues, we will look forward. We will hold Biden accountable. And my fear is, if Donald Trump were to be the nominee, the Democrats have a playbook with how to weaponize things like January 6th.”

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