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AI is being used to catch more child predators

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AI technology has faced criticism in the legal field, but it has been effectively utilized for investigative purposes, particularly in cases involving child predators.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) has employed AI technology to identify and prosecute such suspects, saving significant time and resources.

Reveal, an eDiscovery firm, provided technology that saved NCMEC over 4,000 hours in review and investigation time, aiding in processing more than 21,000 missing children cases. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

Gavin Portnoy, vice president of NCMEC’s Strategic Advancement & Partnerships Division, said, “In the past most of our legal team would need to drop everything to complete the document review/redaction/production manually and meet the delivery deadline just a few weeks later, as required by the court so the criminal case can move forward and not risk any sanctions, or worse, to risk any possibility of the case being dismissed.”

“NCMEC’s Office of Legal Counsel instead saved hundreds of lawyer hours by utilizing Reveal’s Logikcull technology to quickly and efficiently handle it,” he continued.

Reveal’s founder and CEO, Wendell Jisa, said, “It was created to do something different on a business purpose in order to essentially get through massive amounts of data…for big law, for big corporations, in order to save money, save time.”

“But I love the fact that technology can be repurposed to solve bigger problems, bigger world problems,” he continued.

“It crosses such a broad spectrum of the entire legal industry and is going beyond leveraging AI that was built for one thing, and now solving problems in other areas that actually are impacting the world,” said Jisa.

The technology has also been repurposed for broader legal and investigative use, helping law firms and government entities in various capacities, showcasing the broader impact of AI in the legal industry.

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