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ABC’s Hostin: ‘Republicans Are Intentionally Dumbing Down Our Electorate’ to Remain in Power

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Sunny Hostin, an ABC legal analyst, accused the Republican Party of deliberately undermining the education system and erasing history to maintain power.

She argued that Republicans are targeting elite institutions, reproductive rights, and language education to maintain their grip on power.

Hostin described these actions as part of a strategy to stoke grievance politics and cultural conflict, and emphasized the need for people to recognize these tactics. (Trending: Fox News Star Accused Of Major Scandal)

“What we’re seeing by the Republican Party, and I give it to them, we’re seeing a long game. We’re seeing that they are dismantling or attempting to dismantle institutions,” Hostin said.

“All of a sudden, the most elite colleges and universities in the world, which, by the way, they all went to, everybody on the Supreme Court went there, Elise Stefanik went there, all the congresspeople went there, Ted Cruz went there.”

“Those schools are not good enough anymore, I think, because now people that don’t look like them were getting in. Affirmative action, no more, why? So that people that don’t look like them don’t get in.”

“Women don’t have reproductive rights anymore over their own bodies. Why? So they can have power over women.”

“Why is French and, Mandarin and Spanish being taken away from our public schools? So that we can be a monolingual society and can’t compete globally.”

“The Republicans are intentionally dumbing down our electorate, erasing history so that past can become prologue, and they can remain in power.”

“It’s grievance politics at its best, and it’s because people see what Sara was saying. I can’t pay my electric bill. My gas bill’s high. I need my food. Why is that? Why is my station in life like this? It’s because that black guy got into Harvard and became president, or it’s because that immigrant is over there doing better, driving a nicer car than I’m driving.”

“It’s grievance politics, but culture wars specific. I wish people could see it in that way because this is not by accident.”

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