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Vivek Ramaswamy Celebrates ‘Happy Entrapment Day’ 3 Years After Jan 6

via Fox News
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Vivek Ramaswamy, a presidential candidate, stirred controversy by calling the Jan. 6 Insurrection “Happy Entrapment Day” despite previously expressing emotional distress about the Capitol attack.

He tweeted a series of “truths” about the event, including claims about censorship, police actions, and unexplained incidents.

Ramaswamy has made dubious statements, including calling the insurrection an “inside job” and suggesting missed opportunities in handling the situation. (Trending: Chilling Arrest Footage of Trump Co-Defendant Provides Glimpse Into Jack Smith Probe)

“This might be controversial to say, but I think that when I saw the disgrace that unfolded at the footsteps of the Capitol on Jan. 6, I cried. I was in tears when I watched on television that day,” he said previously.

“TRUTH #1: The real cause of Jan 6 was systematic & pervasive censorship and wrongdoing in the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential election — Covid, lockdowns, Antifa riots, Hunter Biden laptop, and irregularities in election conduct,” he said in 2024.

“Capitol police fired rubber bullets & stun grenades into a peaceful crowd, yet later willingly allowed members of that crowd to enter the U.S. Capitol building — only to be later tracked down, arrested, and imprisoned,” Elon Musk added.

“Doesn’t make sense.”

“TRUTH #3: Fmr Capitol Police Chief @ChiefSund requested National Guard support twice before Jan 6 – and was denied both times. Sund was begging for assistance for over 70 minutes before Nancy Pelosi’s Sergeant-at-Arms finally approved Sund’s request for support. (Little-known fact: New Jersey state police arrived to assist before the D.C. National Guard.),” Ramaswamy added.

“TRUTH #6: Ray Epps, who was caught *on camera* telling people to go into the Capitol building, was placed on the FBI ‘Most Wanted’ list immediately after Jan 6, but then suddenly removed. Three years later, the U.S. government slapped Epps with a single ‘disorderly conduct’ charge (0-6 months in jail),” he later added.

“TRUTH #9: Pipe bombs were placed near the DNC & RNC headquarters on January 5, 2021, with many irregularities including Kamala Harris showing up at the DNC headquarters on the morning of Jan 6 – without Secret Service or any other law enforcement spotting the pipe bombs, only for both pipe bombs to be found later on Jan 6.”

“Yet strangely the government still hasn’t said a *peep* about the perpetrator – despite available surveillance footage of the pipe bomber (which has not been fully released). A CBS reporter recently exposed the DOJ’s notable silence on this investigation. What really happened?”

His shifting stance on Jan. 6 appears to have impacted his campaign, as he’s polling at 4.3% among Republicans, trailing behind several prominent figures.

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