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Letitia James In The Hot Seat After Alleged Effort To ‘Up The Ante’ Against Trump In Civil Suit

via AP Archive
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New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking to force former President Trump to pay $370 million for alleged real estate practices and permanently bar him from the New York real estate industry.

Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, claims that James is politically motivated and seeking to harm Trump.

The case involves allegations of inflated net worth to gain favor with banks and insurers. (Trending: U.S. State Passes Personal Pronoun Ban)

Trump’s attorney expresses hope for a fair, non-partisan decision from the judge, emphasizing the political nature of the proceedings.

“Ms. James has, in my mind, always been a bit of a fame-hungry human being that has put her politics in front of the interest of New York State,” Trump attorney Alina Habba said.

“After a trial where we had experts say that statements were undervalued, where we had experts who were on the Nobel Executive Committee reference team tell the judge that he [Trump] did nothing wrong, that his statements actually gave too much information and there were no victims.”

“And Deutsche Bank said, ‘Hey, we loved working with Trump. He actually paid his loans off early in many instances, if not on time. We all made money, and he over-invested in the properties, the assets related to the mortgages, and he was a great client.’”

“She wants to completely wipe clean the bank account of the Trump Organization. She wants to hurt individuals who have done nothing wrong. She wants to disgorge them of their severance pay,” Habba added.

“Imagine the lengths she is going to to personally hurt Trump because she ran a campaign on going after Trump, and she has to keep her political promise.”

“It is so sick and sad, honestly, for New York.”

“It’s pretty extraordinary, right?” Maria Bartiromo pressed Habba.

“What is President Trump expecting from all of this? He’s still campaigning, and he was obviously campaigning in Iowa just over the weekend. What is he expecting in terms of all of these legal issues and how he’s going to make it to the finish line in November?”

“Ms. James, for instance, on Thursday will be closing and giving summations. The judge there put a gag order on me, put a gag order on the president, all the lawyers. We hope that he will see through this,” Habba said.

“Sometimes, when they push so hard, they make it obvious that their agenda is really not about law and justice. It’s about politics, and I really do hope these judges will see through that.”

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