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Kamala Harris is hitting the campaign trail, but will anyone else help her out?

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Vice President Kamala Harris is actively engaging in the campaign trail to support the Democratic party’s efforts to retain the White House.

She is seen as a crucial advocate for President Joe Biden, particularly in reaching out to black, Latino, and younger voters.

Despite her own electability questions, she is fulfilling a traditional role for vice presidents by connecting with the party’s base. (Trending: U.S. State Passes Personal Pronoun Ban)

Saint Louis University professor Joel Goldstein said, “More than most of her recent predecessors, she has embraced a role as public spokesperson for the administration regarding issues of importance, such as reproductive rights, climate change, gun violence, [and] inclusivity.”

“And she has played an important diplomatic role, handling presidential assignments regarding central global and bilateral issues,” he continued.

Tom Cochran, a Democratic strategist, said, “The Obamas drum up incredible excitement still, but the surrogate tapped really depends on the audience they’re speaking to.”

“Whitmer, Moore, Beshear, Newsom are all excellent in the right setting. Most important is stressing that this is a team effort to keep the White House for the Democrats,” he continued.

Democratic strategist Michael Stratton said, “Despite all the things that the media wants to write, or some people will say, the party will be very, very united behind the president.”

“There will be a lot of people who will be out there campaigning in swing states, and the Democratic governors are a perfect example of where there will be strength for Biden,” he added.

The party is also considering other potential surrogates, including governors and past Democratic figures, to support Biden’s campaign.

While there are concerns about the party’s talent pool, Democratic leaders are confident in their unity and support for Biden.

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