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Biden Campaign Spokesman: Obama And Biden Are ‘Aligned’ Despite Obama’s Criticism Of Campaign

via NBC News
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Quentin Fulks, Deputy Campaign Manager for Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign, addressed concerns raised by former President Obama about the campaign’s structure and the potential threat of Donald Trump’s return to power.

Fulks emphasized the campaign’s commitment to pushing back against “MAGA extremism” and the perceived threat to democracy.

He highlighted the campaign’s proactive approach, including innovative organizing programs and significant investments in reaching out to diverse voter groups. (Trending: U.S. State Passes Personal Pronoun Ban)

Fulks stressed the campaign’s focus on conveying the importance of the election and the preservation of democracy to the American people.

“I have to ask you about this new reporting in the Washington Post this weekend that former President Barack Obama raised concerns about the structure of President Biden’s campaign over this lunch in December. The Post writing, quote, ‘Obama grew animated in discussing the 2024 election and former President Donald Trump’s potential return to power,'” Kristen Welker said.

“One of the people said and has suggested to Biden’s advisors that the campaign needs more top-level decision-makers at its headquarters in Wilmington. I should note that NBC News has confirmed that lunch, has confirmed Obama’s deep concerns about Mr. Trump’s strength. How is the campaign responding to former President Obama?”

“Well, look, we’re going to continue to do what we need to do in order to because competitive and in order to make sure we’re growing the infrastructure that we need to win. President Obama and President Biden talk frequently, as do the campaign and former operatives from President Biden’s administration and his campaign,” Fulks said.

“But the one thing is that we’re both aligned on the fact that we have to push back on MAGA extremism, the threat that they pose to freedom and democracy.”

“And so we’re focused on doing just that. The president has been very clear that the experience he got as VP serving with President Obama has been critical to the experience that he brings to the job and what he’s been able to accomplish.”

“But we’re united in the fact that we have to do everything we can to push back on Donald Trump and the threat that he poses to democracy.”

“But does the campaign see this warning by former President Obama as a wake-up call? Will there be structural changes to the campaign?” Welker asked.

“Look, our campaign has been awake since the president announced in April, which is why we’ve come out of the gate swinging,” Fulks said.

“It’s why we put innovate organizing programs in place to begin to communicate with voters on the ground, which is why we’ve made investments into constituency media, the largest investment to voters of color, Hispanic voters, young voters, than any other presidential campaign in history.”

“And now we’re in the phase where more Americans are paying attention to what’s going on. And that is why we’re making the choice.”

“The president’s speech at Valley Forge was the first of that. We’ll do it again tomorrow in South Carolina. And we’re going to continue to make that case to the American people. Because we are running this campaign and organizing it as though democracy is on the ballot.”

“Because that’s what’s at stake this election,” he concluded.

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