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Tomi Lahren Suggests A Trump-Era Tool To Combat Illegal Immigration

via Fox News
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A confrontation between Juan Williams and Martha MacCallum on Fox News centered on President Biden’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border.

MacCallum criticized Biden’s border policies and questioned why he hasn’t taken more action.

Williams defended Biden and blamed Congress for the dysfunction. (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

Martha MacCallum asked, “Does anyone actually take blame for anything that happens on their watch anymore?”

“I think [Biden] should take some responsibility, but he’s dealing with a broke and frayed immigration system,” began Williams.

“Oh my gosh, Juan,” exclaimed MacCallum.

“There’s a lot the president could be doing right now. He could end catch-and-release, he could fix the border wall. There are things at the president’s disposal. He can blame Republicans all day long, right, but there’s a lot he could be doing right now with [Homeland Secretary] Mayorkas. So why isn’t he doing it, Juan? That’s my direct question,” she continued.

“You don’t see House Republicans involved. They’re involved in that photo-op theater down at the border instead of saying here’s not only a real effort at immigration reform,” said Williams.

“Biden and Democrats see this as short-term outrage. They believe they can get beyond this, and they believe these people coming in by the millions will be their future voters,” said MacCallum.

Another guest, Tomi Lahren, supported MacCallum’s points and criticized Biden and Democrats for their handling of the border crisis.

“Go to these nations and have them secure their borders instead of helping to usher people across ours. Make them play ball as well, and if you threaten tariffs on them they’ll play ball as well,” added Lahren.

The discussion highlighted the ongoing influx of migrants and its impact on various cities.

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