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Kari Lake: Congress Members Tying Ukraine Money To Funds For Border Security Are ‘Betraying The Trust of The American People’

via Piers Morgan Uncensored
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Republican candidates in border states are cautioning GOP members against prioritizing Ukraine support over addressing the migrant crisis.

They argue that the border crisis poses a significant threat to national security and should take precedence.

They emphasize the need to focus on securing the border and stopping illegal immigration before allocating funds to other countries. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

The debate also involves differing views on the impact of the Ukraine conflict and proposed solutions to the border crisis, including reforming gun laws.

Negotiations are ongoing, with Republicans insisting on tying increased aid to Ukraine to stricter border security measures.

“If our elected officials can’t focus solely on securing our border and stopping people from invading our country, then they should be voted out of office,” Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake said.

“Any member of Congress who is trying to wrap Ukraine funding into securing our own border is betraying the trust of the American people.”

“The money I would vote to approve will be used to secure our border and stop the invasion, not to process more people coming in,” she added.

“As the wife of a border patrol agent living in the Rio Grande Valley, I can tell you unequivocally there is no more serious threat to our country’s security than the thousands of unknown, illegal immigrants coming into our country every single day,” Former Congresswoman Mayra Flores said.

“We really need to fix America before we even try to help others. It’s almost like an injured person trying to go do surgery on somebody else. It doesn’t make any sense,” New Mexico Senate candidate Ben Luna stated.

“[Republicans] need to buckle up and play hardball… We haven’t really had a lot of leadership and a lot of people know that hard times create strong men while weak men create hard times. And we’re kind of going through that right now,” he said.

“Republicans can’t cave on this issue and my fear is that they will,” Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb said.

“Continued aid to Ukraine is a non-starter for me as long as the cartels have operational control of our southern border, millions of illegal aliens are overrunning our border crossings, and fentanyl is destroying American families.”

“What I want to see is an up and down vote on securing our own border so Americans can see where their elected representatives stand. For me, and most Americans, securing our border, stopping the cartels and shutting off the flow of fentanyl doesn’t involve another Washington ‘compromise’ on foreign aid.”

“It’s a false premise that we need both or can do both. So far, we haven’t done either,” he added.

“I think it’s the best and most comprehensive approach to actually securing the border. And the White House’s objection comes down to the sad fact they don’t want it secure for anybody else,” Sen. Ted Cruz said.

“The war in Ukraine is about protecting democracy, and when democracy is challenged anywhere in the world, that affects us all,” Texas Sen. Roland Gutierrez said.

“Real border security solutions involve stopping the gun industry from arming cartels. Only comprehensive gun safety reform is going to fix that.”

“Fixing the chaos caused by Republican extremists at the southern border must be solved, but make no mistake, it should not come at the cost of protecting democracy.”

“It’s time to put an end to the made-for-TV stunts and finally focus on the voices of the leaders from our border communities,” he added.

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