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FEMA Sends Local Officials Home ‘Empty-Handed’ After Busing In Migrants

via WGN News
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Chicago Alderman Brian Hopkins discussed the challenges faced by the city in dealing with a constant flow of migrant buses and private charter planes landing in the city.

He emphasized the lack of resources to handle the situation and described instances of buses dropping off migrants in unprepared locations.

Hopkins criticized the federal government for failing to secure the southern border and provide necessary support to address the crisis. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

He highlighted the city’s requests for assistance from the federal government, which have so far gone unmet.

Hopkins said, “Part of this is a response to the city attempting to close its own borders to the constant flow of migrant buses and now private charter planes that are landing. It’s happening at a time when we are not prepared, when we don’t have the resources that we’ve allocated, the social workers, the medical staff, the people who are there to try and take these migrants in.”

“When they’re not working and a bus pulls up and hundreds of people disembark from buses, they have nowhere to go. We actually had a bus driver drop off 60 people at Sears Tower at about 11:00 at night, and he told them, oh, by the way, they’re expecting you in the lobby,” he continued.

“Well, that was pure fabrication, and he just left them there, he pulled away and left them there. These are human beings, and they’re being treated like fodder. It’s unacceptable. So, we tried to get control of that, and as a result, the bus drivers found out they couldn’t drive into Chicago in the off hours, so they were dropping them off in the suburbs, leaving them at the commuter rail stations, and telling them to take a train in in the morning. So, the situation has gone from bad to worse and it’s just chaos out there,” explained the Alderman.

Sandra Smith asked, “Aren’t we talking about a massive crisis at the southern border from where these migrants are coming? And what is your message on the lack of security and the lack of securing the southern border on the part of the federal government?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” replied Hopkins.

“The federal government has dropped the ball. I’ve made that clear, I’ve said that repeatedly since this crisis started. We, as a city, the municipal government of Chicago, are not equipped to handle this. We’ve never been equipped to handle this. We’re trying to do the best we can,” said Hopkins.

“But when this crisis started over a year ago, we went to the federal government immediately and said, we can’t do this, give us funding, give us support. We went to FEMA and basically came away empty-handed. So, that’s the source of my impatience now. We’ve been asking for assistance from the federal government to help this crisis on the ground and to secure the border in Texas and Arizona. And so far, neither has happened,” added the Chicago official.

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