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Black Citizens Vowing to ‘Make Chicago Red’ as Migrant Crisis Roils Windy City

via NBC Chicago
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In response to the influx of illegal immigrants and the perceived neglect by the Democratic Party, black Chicagoans like Cata Truss and Mark Carter are advocating to “turn Chicago red” by supporting Republican candidates in the upcoming elections.

They criticize Mayor Brandon Johnson’s sanctuary policies and accuse the Democratic Party of marginalizing their community.

The sentiment to vote out Democrats has been growing, with protests and rallies expressing dissatisfaction with the allocation of resources to support illegal immigrants. (Trending: Chilling Arrest Footage of Trump Co-Defendant Provides Glimpse Into Jack Smith Probe)

“The Democratic Party has always neglected to pay attention to the Black community,” said Truss.

“That is traditional, and because we have been so committed to supporting that party, they feel that they can continue to disrespect us, to marginalize us, to not hear our voices,” she continued.

“If the Democratic Party is not going to listen to us, if the Democratic Party is not going to stand up for the people that have supported this party, then it’s time for us to make a change,” explained Truss.

“Now, let me just say this as well. The Republican Party is not spotless, but we do need to say at this point it’s time to do something different,” she added.

Truss said it is “important for the citizens of Chicago to turn Chicago red.”

“It took a while for people to cozy up and warm up to Donald Trump,” said Carter.

“I heard his message the first time. I understood that the Democratic Party had done just that, done away with our humility. And so I am one of the ones who was already Team Trump a long time ago,” he continued.

“I knew that he would push that immigration plan to push these people back into the country to close the border, and Joe Biden did the exact opposite as soon as he got in office,” added Carter.

A speaker told the city council, “We support the candidacy of Republicans, independents, and Democrats who oppose sanctuary city.”

“They are not representing us. They are representing everybody else but us,” she continued.

“In illegal immigration, and everything else, we voted for you to get into these positions of power so that you can represent our interests. And we have concluded that you’re not representing our interests. And we are organized. We’re organizing to remove any politician, black, white, otherwise, if you’re not going to represent the interests of black people in the City of Chicago,” said the Chicago resident.

“I have buyer’s remorse. For any independent candidate in the city of Chicago, any Green Party candidate in the city of Chicago, and any Republican candidate in the city of Chicago, now is your time, because we are done with the Democratic Party,” said Truss.

Additionally, Carter has been critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, calling it a “hoax” and accusing the media of misrepresentation.

“This is the media creating this picture, this face, this imaginary — like the Wizard of Oz,” wrote Carter.

“Right now one of the biggest misconceptions in the media is that every time something’s organized, they flip it under the Black Lives Matter banner,” he continued.

“This so-called Black Lives Matter movement — they’re not in these communities. It’s all a hoax,” added Carter.

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