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Biden Admin Claims GOP Tax Breaks Will Add $3 Trillion To US Debt

via CNN
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The White House blamed congressional Republicans for the national debt surpassing $34 trillion, attributing it to Republican tax cuts and spending policies.

Despite President Biden signing the bills, Republicans supported many of them.

Karine Jean-Pierre said, “If you think about it, Republican tax cuts are responsible [for] about 90 percent of it — of the increase in the debt as a share of the economy over the last two decades, excluding emergency spending.” (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

“What they’ve [Republicans] tried to do is continue to give a tax break to the millionaires and the billionaires and that — what they have actually put forward would add more than $3 trillion to the debt,” she continued.

“So that’s what that data shows us,” claimed the press secretary.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, said, “That’s the message: we have [sic] to secure the border before we can take care of anything else.”

“National security, the sovereignty of our nation, is the most important,” said Speaker Johnson.

“And secondly, Larry, as you and I both know, we talk about all the time we have to limit discretionary spending, non-defense items we’re trying to reduce, as you know widely reported we’re $34 trillion in debt today,” he explained.

“We take that very seriously in the Republican conference,” added Johnson.

House Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized the need to curtail spending and secure the southern border before allocating funds for Ukraine’s defense.

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