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Tucker Carlson, Ramaswamy Call Haley An Establishment ‘Puppet’ in GOP

via Tucker Carlson
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Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Tucker Carlson criticized Nikki Haley for her foreign policy stances, labeling her as a “puppet” of the Washington political establishment.

Carlson accused Haley of supporting “endless neocon wars” and suggested that she aligns with Democratic priorities.

Ramaswamy argued that Haley’s support was bipartisan and included Republicans from the Bush-Cheney era, backing Carlson’s conclusion. (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

“If you’re a Democratic mega-donor, this is a very tough moment for you. Your candidate is going to lose,” said Carlson.

“So what do you do? Well, if you’re smart, maybe you subvert the other party. Maybe you back a Republican candidate who’s a Democrat and whose priorities are identical to yours. And of course, they found one: Her name is Nikki Haley,” he continued.

“Strip away all the outward characteristics, and Nikki Haley is identical in her priorities to Joe Biden and the people who back Joe Biden,” added the former Fox News host.

“I think the true puppet masters, the thing about them, is they’re fundamentally nonpartisan in nature,” said Ramaswamy.

“There are a few things they care about: Keeping the foreign war machine humming is high on the list. Keeping the administrative state’s control of the United States is also high on the list. They found a much more convenient puppet within the Republican Party itself,” he continued.

“It’s not Biden, and it’s not even Gavin Newsom. It’s Nikki Haley within the Republican Party itself,” he explained.

“And I think that that makes for a very convenient frontman because then they have absolved themselves from any allegations of partisanship or Democratic partisanship against Donald Trump,” said Ramaswamy.

Additionally, there were reports of Trump considering Haley as a possible running mate, which received negative feedback from the MAGA crowd.

“I would not only not vote for that ticket, I would advocate against it as strongly as I could,” said Carlson.

“That’s just poison. I mean, here’s someone who’s actively opposed to the interests of the country I grew up in, who endorsed the BLM riots, and who is not left but is neoliberal in the darkest, most – speaking of nihilist – nihilistic way, and has no real popular support, is a creature of the oligarchs,” Carlson explained.

“So yeah, that would be– that would be a reason to oppose the ticket,” he concluded.

“Well, it’s just– it’s just so unimaginable,” said Carlson.

Carlson expressed strong opposition to a Trump-Haley ticket, emphasizing his concerns about her positions.

In a separate discussion, Carlson expressed admiration for Trump but voiced reservations about serving in politics.

“I mean, I haven’t led a life that prepares a person for politics. As I said, I don’t think I have any horrible skeletons or anything. It’s not that, it’s just that that’s not how my brain works. I’ve never done anything like that. I can’t imagine spending time with politicians,” he continued.

“I’m a total sucker for Trump. I think he’s – you know, personally, I get along with Trump well. The closer I am physically to Trump, like if I’m with him in the room, I always love Trump and I think it’s impossible not to, and you know the experience. He’s just charming,” added Carlson.

“Yeah,” confirmed Megyn Kelly.

“And he’s funny as hell, and he’s brave in his way, I think. So I really appreciate that, and I agree fundamentally with his views,” said Carlson.

“You know, maybe fewer wars, have a border, like those are not crazy things, and I support them, and I’m appalled and terrified by the use of the DOJ to rig an election, which is what’s happening now, so all those factors make me kind of psyched to vote for Trump,” Carlson continued.

“But serving in politics with anybody, I mean, that’s just– that’s a– it’s a lot for me to think about because I just don’t think I’m suited for that. Would anyone want to see a guy like me run for office?” asked Carlson.

“Yes!” celebrated Kelly.

“You’re not gonna end your life without having been probably president, maybe vice president,” she added.

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