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Study claims nearly 300,000 lives could be saved if states followed California’s gun laws

via CNN
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A new study by Everytown for Gun Safety suggests that nearly 300,000 lives could be saved over the next decade if all US states implemented gun control laws similar to those in California and New York.

The study ranks states based on the strength of their gun laws and their respective gun death rates.

It identifies five key laws as effective in reducing gun violence. (Trending: Pro Sport Announces Shock Decision On Transgender Athletes)

Nick Suplina, senior vice president for Law and Policy at Everytown for Gun Safety, said, “Legislators have a roadmap to keep their communities safe from gun violence, but it’s up to them to put these critical policies in place.”

“While states at the top of Everytown’s list are taking significant action to prevent gun violence, gun lobby-backed legislators continue to play politics with our lives and the consequences are deadly,” he continued.

The research indicates a correlation between weaker gun laws and higher rates of gun deaths.

The NRA challenges the study’s methodology, while experts support its persuasive impact on public safety policy.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre said, “If we as a nation were capable of legislating evil out of the hearts and minds of criminals who commit these heinous acts, we would have done it a long time ago.”

NRA spokesman Billy McLaughlin, said, “The highest ratings go to states with the most restrictive gun laws. This isn’t science; it’s an assault on the rights of law-abiding citizens, masquerading as research. A responsible media would challenge such propaganda, not parrot it.”

Several states have seen improvements in their gun safety laws, resulting in positive changes in gun death rates.

Dr. Robert Spitzer, a political science professor, said, “There are two broader headlines that emerge from this study: more guns equal more mayhem, and gun laws really do make a difference.”

“Red flag laws, background checks and domestic violence prohibitors all in one session would have been unthinkable under the former control in the state house, and now is a reality in Michigan and it’s a popular one,” said Suplina.

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