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Mayor Of Sanctuary City Admits ‘We’re Hitting A Breaking Point’

via Next 9NEWS
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Denver Mayor Mike Johnston expressed concerns about the city reaching a capacity where it won’t be able to manage the inflow of migrants.

He mentioned the possibility of having to turn away buses of migrants due to the strain on resources, stating that the city can’t sustain the current volume of arrivals.

Johnston highlighted the significant increase in migrants and the strain it’s putting on housing, work opportunities, and city budgets, emphasizing the need to address the situation. (Trending: Trump Announces Heartbreaking Melania-Related Health Update)

“[Y]ou’ve said you’ve not considered turning away any of these buses of migrants that are coming to your city,” Garrett Haake said.

“But is there a point at which that’s something Denver might have to do or it’s something you might have to consider?”

“Yeah, we’re going to hit a capacity at which we just won’t be able anymore to manage the amount of inflow. And so, we’re trying to avoid that problem, but we know we can’t keep growing at this pace,” Johnston said.

“When I took the oath of office six months ago, we had about 400 migrants in shelter[s]. We have more than ten times that number right now. We’ve brought 35,000 through this year.”

“And, remarkably, we’ve been able to get 99% of them up and placed into housing or work or onward travel.”

“And so, we have been very successful, but now we’re hitting a breaking point at which there’s just not enough volume of work or housing in the city to support this ongoing volume, not to mention the impact on city budgets.”

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