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‘I’m Always Working’, Trump Discusses His Busy Life Even When Playing Golf

via 60 Minutes
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Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden for taking too many vacations and not doing actual work while on vacation.

Trump claimed that when he went on vacation as president, he was always working and taking meetings with world leaders and lawmakers.

He contrasted this with Biden’s vacationing habits, stating that Biden refuses to take phone calls or meet anyone while on vacation, making himself unavailable for weeks on end. (Trending: Transgender Actor ‘Purposefully Misgendered’ By Airline Employee)

Trump said the country would be in a better situation “if Biden only would have gone to that beach he goes to so much and just sat there trying to lift the chair, which weighs about three ounces.”

“I have to say, when I take vacations I’m always working,” said the former president.

“This is really the Southern White House. I have meetings left, right, and all day. Even if I’m playing golf, I’m always playing golf with somebody who is important like heads of countries, senators, et cetera. But it’s all work,” he continued.

Reports indicate that Biden spent 138 days on vacation in 2023, which is more than a third of the year, and that this trend has continued since 2021.

“This guy takes a vacation and he doesn’t talk to anybody,” said Trump.

“They say, ‘He’ll call you in two or three weeks because he’s on vacation.’ Did you know that? People call him and they say he’ll try getting back to you in the next two to three weeks because he’s on vacation,” explained Trump.

Trump also mentioned that Biden is currently vacationing in the U.S. Virgin Islands for the New Year holiday.


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