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Border State Lawmaker Says Mayorkas Is ‘Not Even Dealing In Reality’

via PBS NewsHour
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GOP legislators are urging the White House to halt the “parole” migration pathway, citing concerns about its exploitation, while Democrats are resisting any restrictions.

The parole issue has become a point of contention in border negotiations, with Republicans pushing for changes to asylum and parole policies.

The use of parole by the White House has raised concerns, as it has been used to admit a large number of migrants, including those from various countries, potentially impacting the labor market and welfare programs. (Trending: Obama Judge Issues Shock Ruling Against Democrats)

Rep. Chip Roy said, Democrats “don’t want to deal with parole.”

“They want to leave it wide open,” he continued.

Axios reported, “Biden officials have told Hispanic lawmakers that they are resisting GOP demands to limit the administration’s authority to release migrants through the legal tool known as parole.”

Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge, reported, Congress “limited the executive branch’s authority to parole aliens as a class [by] allowing it to do so ‘only on a case-by-case basis.’”

“Second, it struck the phrase ‘for emergent reasons or for reasons deemed strictly in the public interest’ and substituted in its place ‘for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit,’” he continued.

“As they walk out of the airport with that wet stamp, they’re eligible for Medicaid. welfare and food stamps,” said Arthur.

The GOP is skeptical of the administration’s approach, emphasizing the need to address the border situation.

Sen. John Hoeven said, “I don’t think Mayorkas gets it done. I mean, you’ve seen his performance on the border, it’s worse than abysmal.”

“We have him up for hearings. And he sits there and says the border’s secure. He’s not even dealing with reality,” he continued.

“We’re not going to reach any kind of agreement until the president tells us what, if anything, he’s willing to do to secure the border,” added Sen. John Kennedy.
But the GOP leadership is eager to show they are all opposed to Mayorkas’ parole programs.

Sen. Mitch McConnell said, “Our [GOP] colleagues at the negotiating table are under no illusions about how difficult it is to fix our nation’s broken asylum and parole system.”

“There’s no longer any disagreement that the situation at the southern border is unsustainable and requires the Senate to act,” added the Senate Minority Leader.

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