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Biden Campaign Co-Chair: Americans Are ‘Still Paying Too Much At The Grocery Store’

via U.S. Senator Chris Coons
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Sen. Chris Coons, the Biden 2024 Campaign Co-Chair, expressed that despite highs in the stock market and reductions in inflation, the average American isn’t feeling these improvements.

He highlighted that people are still struggling with high grocery and housing costs.

Coons emphasized the need to better connect with average American families and deliver the message of economic progress more effectively, while expressing confidence that economic circumstances will gradually improve for working people and families in the coming year. (Trending: Fauci’s Ex-Boss Admits The Truth About COVID)

“The good news is that there’s been an all-time high in our Dow Jones in the stock market. There’s a steady reduction in inflation,” Coons said.

“Prices are coming down, both for insulin — the major manufacturers of insulin this month begin a $35-a-month price cap. But your average American isn’t feeling it.”

“They’re still paying too much at the grocery store. They’re still paying too much for rent or for housing.”

“And so, we have our work cut out for us in connecting with average American families, who although they hear the news about how much has been accomplished or they hear us talk about an all-time high stock market, they’re just not feeling it.”

“[W]e need to sharpen that message and deliver it in a more effective way, but I am convinced that, over the coming year, our economic circumstances will slowly, gradually, broadly get better for working people, for families of all kinds, across our country.”

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