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Wall Street Journal Columnist: Few Things Frustrate Voters More Than A White House Pretending There Is Not A Problem

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Kimberley Strassel discussed DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ interview defending the administration’s border policies, emphasizing the disconnect between the administration’s stance and public perception.

She highlighted the frustration among voters when the government downplays or denies existing problems, drawing parallels with Biden’s approach to inflation.

Strassel suggested that the interview may not have been beneficial for the White House, as it perpetuates the perception that there is no problem, contrary to the views of many Americans reflected in recent polls. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

“Kimberley, a couple times the secretary went back to ‘We need Republicans to act, Congress to act.’ These numbers were not there in the Trump administration. They specifically turned around a number of different policies, including remain in Mexico. Including no catch and release,” Bret Baier said.

“Including, you know, specific border wall enhancements. Even though the Trump administration didn’t enhance it that much. But your thoughts on what you heard?”

“Well, I mean, you played that clip, Bret, which I think is so important of Joe Biden inviting people to the country. Everyone remembers this,” Strassel said.

“And regardless of what they’re now saying in terms of statistics or what the secretary claims to not know or know, everyone can see this happening down on the border.”

“Increasingly, they are seeing it in their own cities and towns as every place becomes a border town. They know it’s an issue.”

“And that’s why this interview was really remarkable to me because few things frustrate voters more than an administration pretending that there is not a problem or that they are not smart enough to see it or that they’re not acknowledging it.”

“It’s a bit like Joe Biden when he suggests that inflation isn’t a problem. It frustrates people.”

“What I saw there, I understand the secretary needs to be a loyal soldier but that interview I don’t think does the White House or himself any favors because it continues to suggest there’s no problem and that is not the view increasingly of vast majorities of Americans who are reflecting that in the polls that are coming out about Biden’s handling of this.”

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