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UFC Star Colby Covington Rips USA Boxing’s Trans Inclusion Policy: ‘This Is Disgusting’

via Tucker Carlson on Youtube
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UFC star Colby Covington criticized USA Boxing’s decision to allow transgender female fighters to compete against biological women, calling it a PR stunt and unethical.

He expressed concern for fighter safety and emphasized the need to reverse the policy.

Other boxing champions and athletes also spoke out against the decision. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

“My first reaction is that I think it’s a PR stunt. I think they’re just doing this because no one cares about USA Boxing anymore,” Covington said.

“Nobody’s talking about USA Boxing, so they have to do something to get some publicity because anybody in the right mind thinking that this is a ‘good idea’ needs to seek help immediately. This is disgusting.”

“Biological men should have no place in women’s sports.”

“I mean, I can’t imagine being a woman my whole life and having a fair playing field, competing against other women, and then, all of a sudden, they just say, ‘Hey, we’re gonna let biological men come compete in our sports.’ It’s unethical, it’s dangerous and I don’t want to see anybody get killed.”

“We need to reverse this, and we need to hold the line and not let this happen.”

USA Boxing outlined conditions for transgender female fighters to compete in the female category, including gender reassignment surgery, hormone testing, and specific testosterone level requirements.

“The boxer identifies as a female and has completed gender reassignment surgery. The fighter has undergone quarterly hormone testing and gives the organization documentation of hormone levels for a minimum of four years,” the requirements read.

“The fighter’s testosterone levels have been below 5 nanomoles per liter 48 months before their first fight, the fighter’s total testosterone level must remain below 5 nmol/L through their eligibility to compete against females and the conditions will be monitored and tested at the fighter’s expense with a 12-month suspension for failing to meet the standards.”

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