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DeSantis: I Want to Eliminate IRS And Implement Flat Rate In Order To ‘Lower Taxes for Everybody’

via NBC
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Florida Governor and potential 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis expressed his desire to eliminate the IRS and implement a flat income tax rate, emphasizing that it would remove distortions and foster economic growth.

He cited Florida’s low taxes and economic expansion as an example.

DeSantis clarified that he would pursue a flat tax system only if it resulted in lower taxes for everyone. (Trending: Hollywood A-Listers Revealed In Epstein Court Documents)

Kaitlan Collins asked, “If you were president, would you eliminate the federal income tax?”

“Oh, can I stop dreaming?” replied DeSantis.

“Wouldn’t you like to eliminate the IRS and have — ? What I would want is — I think I would eliminate the IRS, have a single rate, and just do like a flat tax,” he continued.

“I think that would be the ideal tax system to be able to do, take away the distortions. And what happens is — Florida is a good example of this — we have low tax and we cut taxes, and yet, we attract more investment and our economic base expands. So, I run these big budget surpluses where we’re paying down debt by lowering rates. I think you look at some of the other states that are high-tax states, they tax, they cause businesses to flee and individuals to flee, then they go back to the well and they tax more, and it’s like a vicious cycle. So, low rates, broad base ultimately is the best and most conducive to economic growth,” explained the Florida governor.

“But you would push to eliminate the federal income tax?” asked Collins.

“I want to eliminate the IRS, and I would like a flat, one single rate flat tax,” said DeSantis.

“Obviously, I would only do it if it was lower taxes for everybody. But that is the ideal tax system,” he added.

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