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Christian Influencer Rips World Series Champ Who Slid Into Her DMs, Then Deleted Account

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In a recent online dispute, conservative influencer Isabella Maria DeLuca was publicly shamed for her appearance by former Major League Baseball player Aubrey Huff, who accused her of relying solely on her sexuality for attention.

DeLuca revealed private messages from Huff, contradicting his public criticism.

This incident is part of a larger trend where attractive conservative women are accused of seeking attention from men. (Trending: Sports Icon Dies Suddenly At 56)

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“There’s so much hypocrisy,” DeLuca said.

“But this has been the case with many of these guys that have attacked me on Twitter (X). Most of them have been in my DMs.”

“I guess the outrage was over the fact that I was not dressed modestly despite me wearing a shirt that was fully covered. It wasn’t anything inappropriate,” she added.

“What started out as something that was like, ‘Oh, we’re mad at you because you’re not dressed modestly, and you’re a fraud’ turned into something very hateful and personal despite me not knowing any of these people,” DeLuca said.

DeLuca wrote, “This you?” and added the screenshot of a DM Huff had sent on Christmas that read, “Hey beautiful let’s collab over cocktails and bad decisions.”

“How can you say I have a delusional self-worth, all I’m good for is sex and insult me, but you just DM’d me Christmas Day basically asking to hook up,” DeLuca pressed.

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Huff later deleted his account.

DeLuca and her supporters argue that such criticisms are unfair and that they face similar hostility from both the left and conservative circles.

“I think that this happens to a lot of conservative women, especially who are younger and more attractive,” she said.

“I see no difference between the hate I receive from the left than what I receive from ‘Christian conservatives.’

“The truth is that if I was wanting to use my body in a way for attention, I wouldn’t be in politics. I’d be in a different field.”

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