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Bill Maher Praises Europe’s COVID Response, Slams ‘Stupid’ US Vax Mandates

via Real Time with Bill Maher on Youtube
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During a podcast episode, Bill Maher and Seth MacFarlane engaged in a debate over COVID-19 vaccines and mandates.

Maher argued that the U.S. failed to recognize the value of natural immunity and criticized the push for vaccines on everyone, including those who had already contracted the virus.

He highlighted the differences in approach between the U.S. and Europe. (Trending: Obama Judge Issues Shock Ruling Against Democrats)

“I would think — this country did not allow for natural immunity to be considered. And I know this is a subject dear to your heart. Like, even if you had the disease, you still had to get a vaccine. That’s powerful stupid. They don’t do that in Europe,” said Maher.

“Don’t you know people have had COVID four or five times? I do. That’s not natural immunity. There’s no immunity there.” claimed MacFarlane.

“But that’s assuming that all people are alike,” Maher said.

“And that is one of the giant fallacies in your way of thinking, we are not all alike,” explained Maher.

MacFarlane countered, emphasizing the benefits of vaccination in reducing hospitalization and death, but Maher maintained that not everyone needed the vaccine, pointing to examples like Novak Djokovic and Aaron Rodgers.

The discussion revolved around the nuances of natural immunity and the potential repercussions of widespread vaccination.

“[Novak] Djokovic didn’t need it. Aaron Rodgers didn’t need it,” insisted Maher.

“You completely want to shut your eyes to the fact that there are repercussions to all medical interventions including a vaccine!” he added.

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