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Bill Ackman Clashes Online With Ivy League Professor Following Resignation Of Harvard President

via CNBC Television
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Billionaire Bill Ackman’s criticism of Harvard President Claudine Gay has sparked a public spat with a Yale professor, who accused Ackman of using his wealth to influence Gay’s ousting.

Gay’s resignation follows controversy over her response to a letter blaming Israel for a terror attack, as well as allegations of plagiarism.

Ackman has been a vocal critic of Gay, attributing her alleged failures to condemn certain actions as detrimental to the university. (Trending: Transgender Actor ‘Purposefully Misgendered’ By Airline Employee)

Following her resignation, Jewish organizations and Harvard students have expressed relief, though some view her departure as a result of plagiarism accusations rather than her handling of specific issues.

“Bill Ackman is a pernicious influence on American education. He thinks his money equals wisdom and even if it doesn’t, he thinks it gives him the right to bully at will,” associate professor at Yale School of Public Health Gregg Gonsalves wrote.

“Time to stand up to people like him. He’s odious,” Gonsalves said.

“What did I say about Harvard President Claudine Gay that has to do with money?” Ackman shot back.

“Other than elevating concerns about Gay that were held by thousands of Harvard students, faculty and alumni, what is ‘pernicious’ about my so-called influence on American education?”

“Give me a break. No one would pay any attention to you except for your money,” Gonsalves said.

“Why then are you paying attention to me?” Ackman said.

“Bill. You’re an oligarch,” Gonsalves said.

“Your money and power confer power and undue influence. You misrecognize it as a sign of respect when it’s simply about fawning over a man of wealth. Just own it. You’re no sage or man of the people,” he wrote.

“In her repeated failures to condemn calls for complete and utter obliteration of Jews, Claudine Gay tacitly encouraged those who sought to spread hate at Harvard, where many Jews no longer feel safe to study, identify, and fully participate in the Harvard community,” Roni Brunn of the Harvard Jewish Alumni Alliance said.

“It’s kind of like they didn’t get Al Capone for murder. They got him for tax evasion,” Jewish activist Jeffrey Wiesenfeld said.

Harvard’s provost will serve as interim president, while Gay will continue as a faculty member.

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