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Attorney On Trump: ‘It Is A Terrible Idea To Try To Use A Criminal Trial To Stage A Political Campaign Ad’

via CBN News
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Former President Donald Trump and his legal team are preparing an outlandish defense strategy for his trial related to the 2020 election.

Their approach includes conspiracy theories, attempts to blame others for the Capitol attack, and efforts to portray the trial as an act of political persecution.

Trump’s team aims to turn the trial into a spectacle, using conspiracy theories and TV-style talking points. (Trending: Obama Judge Issues Shock Ruling Against Democrats)

They also seek to delay the trial and incorporate various conspiracy theories into their court filings.

However, not all of Trump’s legal advisors support this strategy, with some expressing concerns about mixing a criminal trial with political campaigning.

“From what I can tell — as an outside observer and former member of Donald Trump’s legal team — about how the trial strategy is taking shape, all I can say is: It is a terrible idea to try to use a criminal trial to stage a political campaign ad,” attorney Tim Parlatore said.

“That would be incredibly detrimental to the client,” he said.

“It is also a surefire way for you to quickly alienate jurors, particularly when you’re dealing with a jury pool like Washington, D.C.’s.”

“If I were still on the team, that is not how I would be doing it,” Parlatore added.

“I hate partisan lawyering, from both sides. Try your case, show there was no corrupt intent, keep a laser focus on that issue, don’t grandstand about ‘the deep state,’ and don’t showboat for the TV cameras.”

“[Trump] gets an invitation to appear before a grand jury in the same week that Joe Biden is ensnarled in a massive bribery allegation at the same time that [former] President Trump is leading in the polls. Something is going on here that’s not quite right,” John Lauro said.

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