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Waving the white flag? Haley hints at Iowa defeat with cryptic message

via Newsmax
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Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s campaign momentum in Iowa has been uncertain, with her trailing behind Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

Haley’s recent comment in New Hampshire, suggesting that Iowa’s Republican presidential choice will need to be “corrected” by New Hampshire voters, drew criticism from DeSantis’s campaign and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

The Iowa caucuses are approaching, and there is a sense of rivalry between Iowa and New Hampshire in their roles as early nominating states. (Trending: Trump Announces Heartbreaking Melania-Related Health Update)

“You know Iowa starts it. You know that you correct it,” said Haley.

“And then my sweet state of South Carolina brings it home. That’s what we do,” she continued.

“Nikki Haley belittles Iowa caucusgoers — claiming their decisions will need to be corrected by New Hampshire voters,” wrote DeSantis War Room on X.

Gov. Kim Reynolds posted, “I trust Iowans to make their own decisions. No ‘corrections’ needed!”

“While the pressure mounts on Nikki Haley and the Wall Street donors bankrolling her to buy the strong second-place finish in Iowa that her top surrogate is predicting, her closing argument is insulting Iowans by saying their votes will need to be corrected. Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis is closing strong in Iowa by outworking and outorganizing the competition day in and day out,” wrote DeSantis’ Communications Director Andrew Romeo.

Additionally, Haley’s endorser, Gov. Chris Sununu, expressed confidence in her potential to achieve a strong second-place finish in Iowa, setting high expectations for her performance.

Gov. Chris Sununu predicted Haley will “shock everyone in Iowa with a strong second.”

“Having a strong second-place finish was always our goal,” said Sununu. “We’ve got that wrapped up, guys. … We’re gonna win.” he exclaimed.

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