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NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says Illegal Immigrants Have Contributed to ‘Robbery Pattern’

via CBS News
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams admitted in a media briefing that police officers have identified “patterns” involving illegal migrants and crimes in the city.

He acknowledged an uptick in auto thefts and stated that some migrants are committing crimes, attributing it to the environment they are in.

Adams mentioned a robbery pattern that involved migrants and disagreed with the city decree providing a “right to shelter” for homeless individuals. (Trending: ‘American Idol’ Producer Sued For Sexual Assault)

He stated that the federal government is ultimately responsible for ending the border crisis.

“You said that migrants are responsible for some crime here in the city,” a reporter said. “So I want to be very clear, do you believe that migrants are committing crime here in the city, and what data are you using to back that up?”

“Do I believe that there are some migrants who are committing crimes in the city? Yes. Yes,” he said. “There are people who are committing crimes in all walks of life.”

“It’s not just migrants and asylum seekers. I think that we have a number of migrants who have committed crimes. We have a number of non-migrants who have committed crime.”

“So I do not want to walk away with anyone saying that the GLA increase we saw in the city was just migrants. No, it’s not,” he continued. “It was long‑term New Yorkers who committed GLAs also. But are there some crimes that migrants have committed? Yes, there are.”

“You place a person in an environment where they can’t work, can’t provide for themselves, they have to just sit around all day, that’s not a good scenario,” he said.

“That’s not a good scenario, and that is what we need to focus on. What environment are we creating in these cities?”

“There was a robbery pattern, for instance, that when we looked at it. We identified that robbery pattern. There were some migrants that participated in that robbery pattern,” he said.

“Every robbery pattern we have in the city is not done by migrants, but we identified that this was a robbery pattern, and there were migrants who participated in that robbery pattern.”

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