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Kennedy Jr: Trump Ballot Removal ‘Makes Us Look Like a Banana Republic’

via CBN News
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Robert Kennedy, Jr. criticized the decision to remove former President Trump from the presidential primary ballots in Colorado and Maine, calling it wrong, counterproductive, and un-American.

He expressed that it creates a slanted playing field and deprives American citizens of their rights without due process.

Kennedy believes it will make Trump appear unfairly targeted and turn him into a mythological figure, ultimately hurting those behind the effort. (Trending: Trump Announces Heartbreaking Melania-Related Health Update)

Martha MacCallum said, “I just want to ask you one news-of-the-day question before I let you go about the Supreme Court, potentially taking up the issue of taking the former President Trump off the ballot in Colorado and in Maine, where there is also this effort.”

“What do you think about those efforts to take the former president off the ballot based on an insurrection charge that he has not been charged with?” asked the host.

“I think it’s wrongheaded,” answered Kennedy.

“I think it’s counterproductive. I’m not a fan of President Trump that’s why I’m running against him. But I don’t want — and I’m confident that I’m going to beat him. I don’t want to beat him on a slanted playing field,” he continued.

“I think the American people want to see a fair fight. They want debates, they want real democracy. They want to be able to choose their candidate, their president not have a court choose it. And as you point out, I’ve read the decision and it makes no sense to me that you can deprive an American citizen of this right? We’re unprecedent without ever charging him with a much less convicting him of insurrection. He is not even charged with it,” added the Independent candidate.

He emphasized the importance of a fair fight and real democracy.

“You know that seems to violate due process and it makes us look like a banana republic,” said Kennedy.

“And by the way, I think it’s going to hurt the people who are behind it. I think it turns Trump into a kind of, you know, that people know it’s unfair, and it turns him into kind of amplifies it — you know, him as a mythological figure. I think it’s very, very short-sighted and it’s just wrong, it’s un-American,” he concluded.

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