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Biden Floods Small Wisconsin Town with 1,000 Migrants

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President Joe Biden’s migration policy has led to the arrival of almost 1,000 poor Latino migrants in Whitewater, Wisconsin, causing significant strain on the town’s resources and law enforcement.

The influx has resulted in overcrowded housing, increased crime, and a strain on the city’s ability to provide education and services to its residents.

The town, already struggling with poverty, is experiencing a rise in housing costs and a decline in job opportunities for locals. (Trending: Fauci’s Ex-Boss Admits The Truth About COVID)

The impact of the migration is seen as a deliberate addition to the problems faced by Americans, including homelessness, low wages, and a shrinking middle class.

Meanwhile, areas with fewer migrants are experiencing rising wages and increased corporate investment.

“Their arrival has put great strains on our existing resources, ” a letter to Biden from the city manager John Weidl and police chief Daniel Meyer read.

“Communicating with an immigrant population that generally speaks only Spanish has been a challenge we’ve worked to overcome by the use of costly translation software.”

“We have found approximately three times the number of unlicensed drivers on our roadways compared to previous years. This occupies much of their time and takes away from our ability to serve in other aspects.”

“Our officers have also seen first-hand the terrible living conditions that many migrants are living in. We’ve seen a family living in a 10’x10’ shed in -10-degree temperatures.”

“We’ve seen many over-occupied apartments that create non-familial living situations, which unfortunately has led to a number of situations involving juvenile victims of sexual assault.”

“We’ve also encountered a significant trust barrier between the immigrant population and law enforcement. In many cases this has led to individuals providing false documents and misleading our staff, which further increases our time involved in investigating cases.”

“Finally, our law enforcement staff have responded to a number of serious crimes linked to immigrants in some manner including the death of an infant child, multiple sexual assaults, and a kidnapping.”

“Our [police] department averaged 2,437 self-initiated traffic stops annually from 2010–2021 … in 2023, we are on pace for 1,246 [traffic stops],” the letter read.

“The impact of demographic change that we are seeing in Whitewater is acute. It is unique in Walworth County and even in the State of Wisconsin.”

“If direct funding is not feasible, then I ask that you to consider creating a grant opportunity … This is a critical humanitarian issue, and our City needs government assistance in order to continue to serve our entire community properly.”

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