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‘The New American Dream Is To Leave’: Most In The US Don’t Believe Hard Work Will Get You Ahead

via CBS News
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The traditional American dream of prosperity through hard work and ownership has shifted for many due to economic challenges.

Affordability has become a major hurdle, with home ownership increasingly out of reach for the average American.

As a result, many are reevaluating their life goals and considering living abroad for a more affordable and flexible lifestyle. (Trending: Obama Judge Issues Shock Ruling Against Democrats)

Influencers like Bryn Elise advocate for a digital nomad lifestyle, emphasizing the ability to earn a U.S.-level income from anywhere in the world.

“The Association of American Residents Overseas (AARO) estimates that at least 5.4 million Americans lived abroad in 2023. The biggest share of expats (40%) are thought to live in the Western hemisphere — Canada, Central and South America — or Europe (26%), while 14% headed to East Asia and the Pacific,” the report noted.

“We’ve been misled to believe that life is about enduring our circumstances and place of birth, but it is not a requirement in life that you have to stay in the same place you were born and spend your life struggling,” full-time traveler Elise said said.

“The fact is, the old American dream just simply does not serve us anymore.”

“According to real estate brokerage Redfin, 2023 was the least affordable year for home buying on record. To buy a median-priced home, worth $408,806, with the median U.S. income $78,642, you would’ve had to spend a record 41.4% of your earnings on housing costs, up from 38.7% in 2022 and 31.0% in 2021,” the report added.

The new American dream seems to focus more on attitude and flexibility rather than traditional asset-based success.

“Hands down, the best part about being a U.S. citizen is our ability to leave the U.S. and travel abroad to seek out a better life,” Elise said.

“Let’s take a moment to recognize how lucky we are that we can leave. Let’s focus on getting remote jobs, or building online businesses, grab our passports and take advantage of the fact that, because of the internet, we have the ability to earn U.S.-level income from anywhere in the world.”

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