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Harvard’s Gay Accused Of 6 More Instances Of Plagiarism In New Complaint

via ABC
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Former Harvard President Claudine Gay faces nearly 50 plagiarism accusations after new examples of alleged lifted and uncited content were brought to light.

An amended complaint filed with the university claims that previously uncontroversial works by Gay contain unattributed wording from other sources.

The complaint calls for a new research misconduct inquiry, questioning Harvard’s independent review of her work. (Trending: Fauci’s Ex-Boss Admits The Truth About COVID)

“On December 19, I submitted a formal complaint with allegations of plagiarism by Claudine Gay,” reads the complaint.

“Now I am forced to submit an additional complaint with nearly 50 allegations, including over half a dozen examples never seen before. Some of them occur in a publication by Gay that was until now believed to be free from allegations of plagiarism. Others occur in the dissertation. Harvard’s ‘independent review’ missed them. For this reason and others, a new research misconduct inquiry must be opened,” it continued.

“The Effect of Minority Districts and Minority Representation on Political Participation in California,” was reported to contain “nearly half a page of material verbatim” from another source.

Eight of Gay’s 17 published works are reported to contain plagiarized material.

The latest work in question is a 2001 article that allegedly contains verbatim material from a 1999 book.

“I am not at all concerned about the passages,” said David Canon.

“This isn’t even close to an example of academic plagiarism,” he continued.

Other scholars have criticized Harvard’s reaction, with one professor claiming the university is attempting to redefine plagiarism to protect Gay.

Vanderbilt University professor Carol Swain said, “I have a problem with the way Harvard has reacted to the entire situation, because it seems like — with the assistance of some of their professors and other elites — they’re trying to redefine what is plagiarism.”

“They’re making the argument that there are different levels and, by extension, that some of it is acceptable. That is a problem for higher education in America,” she continued.

The scandal began after Gay testified that calls for genocide targeting Jews do not violate Harvard’s code of conduct.

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