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Donald Trump: Biden Allowing ‘Invasion’ at Border, a ‘Migration of Civilization into Our Country’

via Fox News
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Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s handling of the U.S.-Mexico border, describing it as an “invasion” and a “migration of civilization into our country.”

Trump claimed that Biden doesn’t understand the leverage the U.S. has in negotiations with Mexico and suggested that the current administration has been outmaneuvered by Mexico.

He emphasized that during his presidency, he was able to significantly reduce the flow of migrants through various deals and policies, which have been undone by Biden. (Trending: Transgender Actor ‘Purposefully Misgendered’ By Airline Employee)

Trump said, “He doesn’t understand anything—they went into Mexico today, hat in hand.”

“We have all the power—they have none of the power,” added the former president.

“Mexico is very interesting. They came to me—we were having a lot of people come in as soon as I got there, through Obama they were coming in very substantially but nothing like today. In history, there’s been anything like this,” explained Trump.

“In any country, there’s never been a migration like this. It’s an invasion—and it’s a migration of civilization into our country. Take a look at the mental institutions all throughout the world. They’re empty. Some are literally empty and some are down 50, 60, 70 percent. They’re all here,” he continued.

“When you have millions of people pouring through our borders, that’s an invasion. I like the word I used—migration,” recalled Trump.

Trump also expressed concerns about the influx of people, claiming that many are from mental institutions and some are terrorists.

“Mexico could not have been nicer to me,” said Trump.

“They gave us 28,000 soldiers. They gave us so much—far more than the wall. The wall was peanuts compared to what I got from them. There’s no way to fund a wall—how can Mexico fund a wall that’s being built? But I got much more money than that,” said Trump.

“For the first time this week, I’m seeing that the border is becoming a real story,” he continued.

“People are now seeing it’s destroying our country. When they say 5,000 people are in that caravan, it’s really 50 or 60 thousand. Did you see that thing? It’s miles long,” he exclaimed.

He believes that the border issue will become a major problem for Democrats and Biden in the upcoming year.

Trump predicts that, by the end of Biden’s term, around 15 million people will have entered the country, including individuals from prisons, jails, mental institutions, and terrorists.

“I think by the time he finishes, it’s going to be 15 million people—which is going to be in 11 months. That is bigger than New York State. Many of those people are from prisons. Many are from jails. There’s a slight distinction. Many are from mental institutions and insane asylums. Many are terrorists. Did you see in 2019 I had no terrorists? Not one terrorist came in. They didn’t find any. Now, we have record numbers of terrorists coming in,” concluded the former president.

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