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Colorado Secretary of State Says Our Courts ‘Got it Right,’ Trump Incited Insurrection

via Trump White House Archived on Youtube
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Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold affirmed that the courts in her state were right in ruling that former President Donald Trump incited an insurrection.

She emphasized the threat she believes Trump poses to democracy and the nation’s stability, citing the 14th Amendment.

“I think it’s important to note that we are only here because Donald Trump incited the insurrection. He has created this situation for himself. There’s clear language in the Constitution in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment for this exact situation. I believe he is a threat to democracy, the right to vote and the future stability of this nation, but, of course, we’ll await to see what the U.S. Supreme Court says. Of course, I will follow whatever order is in place throughout the election,” explained Griswold. (Trending: Obama Judge Issues Shock Ruling Against Democrats)

Griswold expressed her commitment to following the law and the Constitution, regardless of political ramifications, and called for holding Trump accountable without exceptions.

“I do believe that the Colorado Supreme Court got it right. There have only been two courts in this nation that have grappled with the decision. Did Donald Trump engage in an insurrection? Both of those courts were right here in Colorado, and both of them said yes, he did,” continued the Colorado official.

“I also do not believe that there should be some loophole in the Constitution for a president who decides to engage in rebellion. When we say no person is above the law, we should mean it. It shouldn’t be an interpretation that no person is above the law except Donald Trump when he tries to steal the presidency. As for some folks who are concerned about the political ramifications, my job is to follow the law and the Constitution, politics aside,” said Griswold.

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