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Ben Carson: Americans Realize We Will Lose our Liberties if the DOJ Takes Down Trump

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Ben Carson expressed his belief that Americans understand the potential loss of liberties if the Department of Justice takes down former President Donald Trump.

He highlighted Trump’s lead in swing states and emphasized the importance of speaking out against false narratives.

“I think he will win Michigan and a lot more. Right now he’s leading in all the swing states,” said Carson. (Trending: Fauci’s Ex-Boss Admits The Truth About COVID)

“This is a very encouraging thing, because it shows you that the American people are not stupid. They recognize what’s going on,” continued the former Trump official.

“They realize that if the left and the enemies of Trump are able to use the justice system to neutralize him, this will not be the same country anymore,” added Carson.

“It will never go back to being ‘liberty and justice for all,’” explained Carson.

“One of the things that encouraged me the most was that most Americans have common sense. One of the things that discouraged me the most was that a lot of Americans don’t have courage,” he continued.

“They don’t want to be canceled, and they don’t want people to say bad things about them, so they just keep their mouths shut,” said Carson.

“It’s time to open your mouth. That’s how we fight the narrative, all the false narratives that have been out there, because if they go unopposed, people tend to believe them,” said the former bureaucrat.

Carson also noted a growing support for Trump among black males and praised Trump’s approach of working for the benefit of everyone.

“There’s a significant number of people in the black community who are thinking for themselves, who are not just allowing themselves to be used,” added Carson.

“Particularly, black males seem to be migrating toward Trump, because they looked at what he did when he was in [office] the last time. And it was very positive,” said the doctor.

Carson said Trump, “believes that a rising tide lifts all boats.”

“So he doesn’t necessarily pick this group to be the favorite over this group, but he says, ‘Lets do stuff that works for everybody,’ and I think fair-minded people appreciate that,” concluded Carson.

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