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Trump’s Response To Being Called ‘Pathetic’ Makes Democrat Cry For Civility

via NBC News
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Former President Donald Trump criticized Rep. Debbie Dingell for her comments on his Christmas message, accusing her of ingratitude and labeling her a “loser.”

Trump also brought up her late husband’s funeral, claiming she had been thankful for his involvement but later criticized him.

Dingell acknowledged some of Trump’s gestures after her husband’s passing but emphasized the need for civil political discourse. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See TV Ad Ahead of 2024)

“Merry Christmas to all, including Crooked Joe Biden’s ONLY HOPE, Deranged Jack Smith, the out of control Lunatic who just hired outside attorneys, fresh from the SWAMP (unprecedented!), to help him with his poorly executed WITCH HUNT against ‘TRUMP’ and ‘MAGA,’” wrote Trump.

“Included also are World Leaders,” continued the former president.

“Both good and bad, but none of which are as evil and ‘sick’ as the THUGS we have inside our Country who, with their Open Borders, INFLATION, Afghanistan Surrender, Green New Scam, High Taxes, No Energy Independence, Woke Military, Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Iran, All Electric Car Lunacy, and so much more, are looking to destroy our once great USA. MAY THEY ROT IN HELL. AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!” wrote Trump.

This exchange represents ongoing tensions between the two figures, reflecting broader concerns about the state of political discourse and civility in the United States.

Rep. Dingell said the message was “one of the most pathetic Christmas greetings I’ve heard, when a former President of the United States who wants to return [to office] tells people on Christmas Day that they can ‘rot in hell.’”

“There were men outside of my house with assault weapons,” alleged the lawmaker.

Trump wrote in response, “Debbie Dingell of Michigan is a LOSER.”

“When I gave, as President, her long serving husband, the absolute highest U.S. honors for his funeral, a really big deal, she called me, crying almost uncontrollably, to say that she couldn’t believe I was willing to do that for a Democrat,” recalled Trump.

“She thanked me profusely. Two months later, she was back on the trail ranting and raving about ‘TRUMP,’” added Trump.

“It just sort of kicked me in the stomach,” said Dingell.

“It was the politicization of something that didn’t need to be so. He [Rep. John Dingell] was buried in Arlington Cemetery because he was a World War Two veteran,” said the widow.

“[Trump] called me to tell me he was lowering the flags,” admitted Dingell.

“And to this day and this minute, I am grateful that he did it. I was grateful for the call. He was kind and empathetic. It meant a lot to somebody who was hurting and loved her husband,” said the lawmaker.

“Those are two different issues for me … we have to learn in our country that you can agree to disagree agreeably,” she explained.

“I think there are lines you don’t cross. I don’t want an apology, I don’t want a campaign to begin around that. What I do want is people to take a deep breath and think going forward that their words have consequences, that they can hurt, and how do we bring more civility back to our political environment?” concluded Dingell.

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