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Nikki Haley Backtracks After Omitting Slavery’s Role In Civil War

via ABC News
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Nikki Haley clarified her earlier comment about the Civil War, acknowledging that it was indeed about slavery.

She emphasized the contemporary relevance of the war, highlighting the importance of individual freedom and rights.

Haley also suggested that her remarks were being used as a distraction by the Democrats, alleging that they were intentionally targeting her with negative media coverage to influence the 2024 campaign. (Trending: Democrat Targets U.S. Troops With New Gun Control Law)

“Of course, the Civil War was about slavery. We know that. That’s the easy part of it. What I was saying was what does it mean to us today? What it means to us today is about freedom. That’s what that was all about. It was about individual freedom, economic freedom, individual rights,” explained Haley.

“Our goal is to make sure, no, we never go back to the stain of slavery but what’s the lesson in all of that? That we need to make sure every person has freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to do anything they want to without anyone in government getting in the way. That was the goal with that. Yes, I know it was about slavery, I’m from the South, of course I know it was about slavery,” she continued.

She claimed that this tactic was employed because they perceive her as a strong opponent to Biden and prefer to face Trump in the election.

“The second point about this is why did this happen? The media has yet to connect the dots. First of all, I’m the only candidate that Biden and the Democrats are running billboard ads against in Iowa. If you watch my town halls, this happened last week and it will happen this week. Biden and the Democrats keep sending Democrat plants to do things like this to get the media to react. We know when they’re there, we know what they’re doing,” Haley said.

“Why is Biden doing that? Why isn’t he doing it to any other candidate? asked Haley.

“We know it’s because he knows I defeat him by double digits, and it’s also because they want to run against Trump. They’re trying to help Trump. They’ve tried to help Trump this whole time. Whether it is the Colorado Supreme Court, the other court cases, the fact they’re now hitting me. Why is it they’re doing this? See it for what it is,” concluded the presidential candidate.

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