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Michigan Supreme Court Rejects ‘Insurrectionist Ban’ Case

via Bloomberg Television
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Former President Donald Trump celebrated the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision to reject a lawsuit aimed at preventing him from being on the state’s primary election ballot in 2024.

He criticized the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling that barred him from the state’s 2024 election ballot, vowing to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The Michigan Supreme Court has strongly and rightfully denied the Desperate Democrat attempt to take the leading Candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election, me, off the ballot in the Great State of Michigan,” Trump wrote. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See TV Ad Ahead of 2024)

“This pathetic gambit to rig the Election has failed all across the Country, including in States that have historically leaned heavily toward the Democrats. Colorado is the only State to have fallen prey to the scheme.”

“We have to prevent the 2024 Election from being Rigged and Stolen like they stole 2020 – just look at the complete mess we have as a result with Crooked Joe Biden violently destroying everything in his sight, from our once-great Economy to our once-fair Justice System,” Trump added.

“We have to save our Country from decline and the Radical Left. Make America Great Again!”

Far-left legal organizations have attempted to remove Trump from primary ballots in multiple states, citing the 14th Amendment, but challenges are ongoing.

In Michigan, an appeals court ruled against a complaint to bar Trump from the ballot, stating that the secretary of state lacks the authority to do so.

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