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Kamala Harris’ Former Advisor Reveals Why Young People Refuse To Vote For Biden

via Fox News
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Symone Sanders, a former Biden campaign senior advisor and MSNBC host, is offering advice to President Biden and suggested “invoking fear” may not be enough to sway voters away from Donald Trump.

Sanders acknowledged the current anxiety among certain groups and emphasizing the issue of gun violence in schools.

She raised questions about Democratic strategies for engaging key constituencies, particularly young people, black, and Latino voters.

Sanders suggests that simply invoking fear of Donald Trump may not be sufficient for these groups.

Symone Sanders said, “I think there are a lot more anxious hand-wringing folks out there like… but I think what Simon [Rosengerg] writes is true.”

“All of those things are factual about more dead kids. He’s talking about the fact that guns are the number one killer of our kids in schools,” she continued.

“What do you think Democrats have — what are your sources telling you that they are strategizing about going into 2024 and how they’re going to talk to some of these key constituencies, because to be frank, for young people and I would even argue for a number of black and Latino voters, scaring them about Donald Trump is not going to be enough,” added the Sanders.

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