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Trump Blasts Biden For Giving Iran The Tools To Get Wealthy, Warns Of Nuclear Weapons

via CBS Evening News.
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In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s foreign policy, particularly regarding Iran.

Trump accused Biden of allowing Iran to become wealthy, leading to potential nuclear armament.

He highlighted his administration’s actions, including pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal and imposing sanctions to restrict Iran’s activities. (Trending: Supreme Court Shocks Jack Smith In Case Against Trump)

Trump also pointed out Iran’s support for terrorist groups like Hamas and the Houthis, emphasizing the instability in the Middle East.

Trump also discussed his strategy of imposing sanctions on Iran to limit its financial resources.

“Iran was allowed to get rich because Joe Biden allowed them to,” Trump said.

“So he could say whatever he wants. But he’s the reason for this. He’s an incompetent president. He’s a compromised president, totally compromised. But he allowed them to get rich.”

“But worse than being rich, because of the money, because of what they have, they will have within a short period of time nuclear weapons. And that is never something that can be allowed to happen,” he added.

Additionally, he mentioned Iran’s alleged claim of responsibility for an attack on Israel, citing the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as a trigger.

“Iran was broke. They didn’t have any money to get around. I put sanctions on. I put everything on, and told countries, China, many countries, India, France, ‘don’t buy oil … you buy any oil, we’re not going to do business with you.”

“And we’re going to put tariffs on all the products that do get through, We’re not going to do business,’” Trump said.

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