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Reparations Efforts Persist As 2023 Comes To A Close: ‘We’re Going To Make This A Just Society’

via Fox News
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Advocates seeking reparations for Black people in the U.S. have made significant progress, particularly in California, where a reparations task force produced a comprehensive report and has initiated efforts for financial compensation.

However, obstacles remain, including strong opposition and skepticism, especially from non-Black individuals and politicians.

Despite this, there is a concerted effort to educate and garner support for reparations, with plans to introduce 12 bills in California covering various areas. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See TV Ad Ahead of 2024)

The push for federal reparations is also gaining momentum, with efforts to leverage the Black voting bloc’s influence to advance a federal reparations movement.

“Public opinion — meaning white people and white politicians — is not sympathetic to our plight and how it is tied to slavery,” Los Angeles entrepreneur Jonathan Wright said.

“Call me a pessimist,” Wright said.

“They have benefited from slavery and discrimination for centuries, but they can’t even tolerate the idea that our families for generations have been impacted by this.”

“It’s OK for them to benefit, but not for us to be compensated. That’s what we’re dealing with and that makes me pessimistic.”

While challenges persist, there is a growing momentum and determination to address the historical injustices through reparations.

“We dispelled a lot of misconceptions” and “explained why this push for reparations is still needed in 2023, 2024 and beyond if we’re going to make this a just society,” California Reparations Committee member Jones-Sawyer said.

“We’re going to tackle just about every field of human endeavor. And we have people that have the ability to be able to carry those bills because of their backgrounds.”

“Dealing with that legacy is about much more than cash payments,” the governor Gavin Newsom said.

“I won’t hold my breath,” Oakland resident Amina Ali said.

“I want it as badly as the next Black person. But I also live in the world. I know the reparations people worked hard for a long time to make the case. I commend them.”

“And they made their very strong case. But I know that there are enough people against it to keep it from happening. Be real: White people don’t want us to have an even playing field.”

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