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Biden Quietly Escapes To Villa Of Democrat Donor

via Sky News Australia.
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President Biden is staying at the US Virgin Islands at a property owned by wealthy supporters, raising ethical concerns due to the free nature of the vacation and the lack of disclosure on annual ethics forms.

The property, typically available for rent, features an in-ground pool and expansive views of the Caribbean Sea.

This practice of free vacations without disclosure has drawn comparisons to other public figures. (Trending: Could Taylor Swift Save Biden In 2024?)

The hosts, Bill and Connie Neville, are affluent Democratic contributors with strong connections in the IT sector.

“As they have done previously, the President and the First Lady are staying at the home of their friends Bill and Connie Neville,” a White House official said.

Biden’s stay at their property is part of a long-standing tradition.

“Joe Biden has been staying for free at donors’ homes for years and has never included these vacations on disclosure forms,” said Mark Paoletta.

“These are not longtime friends, they are wealthy donors, so there’s no excuse to not disclose.”

“But because his name is not Clarence Thomas, who visits his friends at their homes and does not have to report, the media don’t care. They protect Biden and are only interested in one side.”

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