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‘Incompetent dumpster fire’: Michigan GOP rocked by financial turmoil and infighting

via FOX 2 Detroit
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The Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan, usually a significant event, faced a notable decline this year.

Financial turmoil, infighting, and leadership issues plague the Michigan Republican Party.

Kristina Karamo, the current party head, has drawn criticism for her leadership, including financial mismanagement and divisive actions. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See TV Ad Ahead of 2024)

Some members are calling for her removal due to concerns about the party’s financial state and her leadership style.

Dawn Beattie, a state committee member wrote, “If I would have known that Kristina Karamo would have turned out to be such a tyrannical incompetent dumpster fire I would never have worked so hard to get her elected. For that I apologize.”

Doug Heye, a GOP strategist, said, “You want a state party that is firing on all cylinders, and then you want a strong candidate who can win.”

“If you have an issue with either of those two, that can be one of the things that tips the scales for a race,” he added.

Karamo said, “You are required to do their bidding in order to get their funds, and so we just simply wind up destroying the country slower than Democrats.”

Mark Forton, the chairman of the Macomb County Republican Party, said, “She seemed like the real deal.”

Karamo’s controversial election, ties to election conspiracy theories, and her party’s financial challenges have led to internal strife and concerns about the party’s ability to effectively compete in upcoming elections.

“Simply put, we have been had. We are dealing with a group of people who are working to destroy the MIGOP prior to the super important 2024 election year. This is not happening, this year, by coincidence,” said Forton.

Ken Beyer, the chair of the party’s fourth district, said, “It’s like they are pulling the rug out from under Kristina and then they are going, ‘Look, she fell.'”

“They caused the problem and then blamed Kristina,” he continued.

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