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Fact-Checking Trump’s Recent Immigration Claims

via Fox News
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Former President Donald Trump has faced criticism for his remarks on immigrants, particularly his claims about immigrants from mental institutions and jails being brought into the United States.

These claims lack evidence, and fact-checking has shown no support for such assertions.

Additionally, his estimate of 15 million immigrants entering the country from jails and mental institutions is not substantiated by data. (Trending: Trump Releases Must-See TV Ad Ahead of 2024)

Trump said, “I read an article recently in a paper … about a man who runs a mental institution in South America, and by the way, they’re coming from all over the world. They’re coming from Africa, from Asia, all over, but this happened to be in South America.”

“And he was sitting, the picture was — sitting, reading a newspaper, sort of leisurely, and they were asking him, ‘What are you doing?’ He goes, ‘I was very busy all my life. I was very proud. I worked 24 hours a day. I was so busy all the time. But now I’m in this mental institution’ — where he’s been for years — ‘and I’m in the mental institution and I worked very hard on my patients, but now we don’t have any patients. They’ve all been brought to the United States,’” he continued.

Furthermore, his statement about the Biden administration spending over $1 billion to house illegal aliens in luxurious hotels lacks context, as the actual federal funding has been allocated for various shelter and support programs for migrants.

Michelle Mittelstadt, a spokesperson for The Migration Policy Institute, said, “We are unaware of any effort by any country or other jurisdiction to empty its mental-health institutions or its jails and prisons to send people with mental-health issues or criminals to the U.S..”

“But there has been no present-day effort by any country, to our knowledge, or any credible reporting by media or others that anything of the like is taking place,” added the spokesperson.

“They’ve allowed, I believe, 15 million people into the country from all of these different places like jails, mental institutions, and wait till you see what’s going to happen with all those people,” said Trump.

The former president said, “In the past three years, Biden has spent over $1 billion to put up illegal aliens in hotels, some of the most luxurious hotels in the country. Meanwhile, we have 33,000 homeless American veterans. Can you believe it?”

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