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EV Owner Devastated by $60K Bill, Then Things Take a Brutal Turn

via MotorTrend Channel on Youtube
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A Canadian man faced a shocking situation when he discovered that replacing the battery pack in his electric car would cost more than the original price of the vehicle.

After a minor accident, the damage to the undercarriage led to a quote of $61,000 for battery replacement, exceeding the car’s initial cost by $6,000.

This left the owner with few options, all of which were financially burdensome. (Trending: Melania Trump Announces Big Change For 2024)

Andrea Spencer said, “This is a wake-up call.”

“The story is, people are buying these cars not knowing what the actual cost of the most important component of the car is to replace,” commented Zack Spencer.

Werner Antweiler, a professor in the Sauder School of Business at the University of B.C., said, “The battery pack alone is often 30 percent or more of the actual vehicle cost still. So this is a very significant thing.”

The incident serves as a warning to potential EV buyers, highlighting the substantial cost of battery replacement and potential insurance complications.

Additionally, the story raises concerns about the hidden costs of EV ownership and challenges the perception of EVs as a money-saving alternative to traditional vehicles.

Kyle Hsu said, “I like the idea of an EV. But even now I am still debating whether I should have another EV.”

“I could not justify my reasons anymore if I know the car has no used car value after eight years,” added the vlogger.

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