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The U.S. Braces For A Year And An Election Like No Other

via PBS
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The upcoming 2024 US presidential election is anticipated to be unprecedented, with an 81-year-old Joe Biden likely facing criminal charges against former President Donald Trump.

The political climate is tense, marked by fears of eroding democracy and the threat of authoritarianism.

Trump’s legal battles coincide with the election timeline, adding complexity to the race. (Trending: Democrat Targets U.S. Troops With New Gun Control Law)

“It feels to me as if America is sitting on a powder keg and the fuse has been lit,” said Larry Jacobs, the director of the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance at the University of Minnesota.

“The protective shield that all democracies and social orders rely on – legitimacy of the governing body, some level of elite responsibility, the willingness of citizens to view their neighbors in a civic way – is in an advanced stage of decline or collapse.”

“It’s quite possible that the powder keg that America’s sitting on will explode over the course of 2024.”

“This is the most astounding election I have ever seen,” said history professor Allan Lichtman.

“We have never had an election where a likely major party nominee is indicted for major felony charges of the most serious nature; this is not shoplifting.”

“He’s being charged with an attempt to destroy our democracy and subverting our national security. Both in terms of Trump’s personal morality and his incredibly serious crimes, we have never seen anything remotely like this.”

Despite Biden’s accomplishments, his approval ratings are low, and he faces criticism for economic challenges and handling of international issues.

“He gets credit for nothing. It’s just amazing: I’ve never seen a president do so much and get so little mileage on it. He has more domestic accomplishments than any American president since the 1960s,” Lichtman said.

“He’s presided over an amazing economic recovery, a far better economy than was under Donald Trump even before the pandemic in terms of jobs, wages, GDP. Inflation has gone down by two-thirds.”

“It was Biden who single-handedly put together the coalition of the west that stopped [Vladimir] Putin from quickly overtaking Ukraine. He seems to get no credit for any of this whatsoever and that’s partly his own fault and the fault of the Democratic party.”

“The Democratic party has been horrible for some time now – at least 15 years. Republicans are so much better at messaging.”

“People feel that Biden overpromised and underdelivered and ultimately what it came down to was he didn’t make me feel good while he did it and he didn’t make it look easy,” political scientist Andra Gillespie said.

The election is poised to be a highly contentious and pivotal event in US history.

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